Banksy Does NY

20150503 Skull20150503 Man waiting for Banksy does NY to start


Just saw the movie “Banksy does New York” for the second time -it was so good I had to drag the family along to see it as well. The skull refers to the bumper car riding Grim Reaper (if you’ve see the film you’ll know what I’m referring to). The other head is a fellow movie goer waiting in the foyer for the film to start.

This film is a truly great documentary about an art treasure hunt across a city where finding the artworks before they disappear creates the thrill of the chase.The artworks themselves because they are on location not in some sterile gallery really engage the viewer with the world around. Banksy has a unique gift in connecting people with their environment and questioning what we value in the world. All this is done¬†without any “help” from the main stream art world, many of whom are exposed as greedy and out of touch with real life.

Art and politics combine perfectly – ‘failure to think’…..


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